Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...



At Gulf Coast Church, we firmly believe that a personal relationship with Jesus is the foundation of everything. We hold this biblical principle as the core of our existence, and it is the basis of all our values. Knowing God through a relationship with Jesus is fundamental to our faith and is essential to our understanding of who we are as a church. We recognize that He is our everything, and without Him, we would have no reason to exist.


In Freedom

The purpose of our existence is not to merely survive and cling to the burdens of our past. Rather, we are designed to flourish in our relationship with Christ, who liberates us from any obstacle that impedes us from fulfilling His divine purpose. God envisioned a unique plan for each of us and His aspiration is for us to live with the freedom that comes from being in Christ, so that we can realize His extraordinary intentions for our lives.


Your Purpose

Each individual is uniquely crafted in the image of God, with a specific purpose in mind. While understanding this truth is significant, discovering one's purpose can be a challenge. At Gulf Coast Church, we strive to aid you in identifying your divine calling and offer opportunities to use your God-given gifts, talents, and skills to glorify Him. Recognizing our identity in Christ is a crucial step in fulfilling His plan for our lives. We provide a tool for assessing your spiritual gifts, enabling you to discover your place in the body of Christ and realize your potential in Him.


Make a Difference

After comprehending the first three steps of our GCC mission, we are prepared to assist you in fulfilling your calling by assigning you to a role where you can make a positive impact. We will assess your unique abilities and aptitudes and match them with the various needs in our community. At GCC, we acknowledge that Jesus exemplified a servant's heart and prioritized serving others above being served. We believe that serving others is an act of humility and a means of honoring God. Plus, it's always an enjoyable experience!

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