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We are honored and excited that you've expressed interest in joining our team.  FCNB Worship is a diverse team of vocalists and musicians that seeks to honor God by giving back the talents He has given us to glorify Him and lead His people.  Our goal every week is to give God our very best.  With this expectation of excellence in mind, we go through a somewhat rigorous process to make sure that every person who joins our team has the same goals and expectations, as well as the requisite ability to meet those goals week-in and week-out.  If you are interested in filling out an application, please read through the following material.

Our Rehearsal and Worship Times

Thursday / Main Worship Center                                   Sunday / Main Worship Center

Vocal Rehearsal 6:15 pm                                               Soundcheck/Run Through 8:45 am

Full Band Rehearsal 6:45 pm                                         Worship Service 10:45 am


Team Member Qualities

1) Spiritual Journey

On our team, we don't expect perfection.  It's from our healed brokenness that authentic praise finds its beginning.  Our standard is a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  Honest self-reflection is necessary to discern whether you seek a growing and deepening relationship with Christ.  Always be open to the questions of, "How are you growing?' and "How is God showing up this week?"

2) Musicianship, Preparation and Professionalism

Worship is a central and crucial part of our weekly worship gatherings.  We believe Worship permeates our day to day and worldview.  God deserves our best and excellence is our standard.  We expect every member of our team to spend time each week preparing and memorizing the music with their absolute best effort.  We hold each other accountable to this standard.

3) Attitude and Interaction

Our team is a close-knit group.  We expect that all members of the team will bring this same attitude of inclusion to each gathering and to all team members regardless of age, ethnicity, background, etc. When we are leading on the platform, we expect authenticity and energy.  Authenticity comes from bringing our entire self to God, good and bad.  Energy comes from the "joy of our salvation." 

4) Scheduling and Planning Center Online

Among the many technologies we utilize each week, Planning Center Online is among the most important.  This is the central hub for scheduling and setlist.  Team members will find reference audio and chord charts here as well for each of the songs we sing each week.

5) Punctuality

All of our team members take on the personal responsibility to be on time for the sake of ourselves and the respect of others.  Allowances are always made for emergencies and unforeseen circumstances (car trouble, etc.).

6) Flexibility

We seek to align all plans with our Lead Pastor for the benefit of the church to experience God each week.  We also understand that the best plans may not always perfectly line up with how the spirit is leading in the moment.  We expect flexibility as we seek to honor that leading and obey, even if it means changing something at the last minute or on the fly.  Scheduling flexibility is also important as we attempt to give everyone on our team a chance to participate and give back their God given gifts each month.

7) Dress Code

The dress code for each service is outlined in our wardrobe guidelines.  

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